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I am glad council made the decision to "take the money and run" but is it running in the right direction and going to kick this political football through the wrong goalposts? Is council wise enough to immediately get a letter of commitment from VANOC for disbursement of $20 million? Let's get it now.

Then, we still have five years before lighting the torch. Common sense and a referendum on how the $20 million will be distributed are required.

Allan Eaton



A reading kind of town

Once again, Whistler proved itself to be a reading kind of a town. The Used Book Sale held on the Thanksgiving weekend raised $3,000, which will be split between the school libraries at Spring Creek and Whistler Secondary. Several boxes of excellent children's books were also set aside and will go to the Head of The Lake School in Skatin, near Skookumchuk.

Thanks go out to all those businesses who helped make the sale happen: Nesters Market, TD Canada Trust, and the public library for being collection depots, the Whistler Question and Pique Newsmagazine for publicizing the sale, and of course IGA Marketplace for allowing the sale to take place in front of the store. This event could not happen without your support!

A big thank you also goes out to all the volunteers who helped sort, carry, transport, and man the sale: Jamie and Janet Collins, Lil Goldsmid, Alison Hunter, Libby McKeever, Stephanie Murray, Mo Richmond, Gary and Verity Pringle, Rick Reid, Kris Shoup, Leslee Wake and Bruce Watt.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to all those who generously donated all those wonderful books, and to those who came, perused, and bought at the sale. Until next time, happy reading!

Jane Reid, organizer



Thanks to Andrée & Chris

What a sad state of affairs! With our teachers on the picket lines and education in this province on the front page of every paper it took an extension of the deadline for Whistler to find a second person willing to stand for School Trustee in District #48.

Some years ago there was a major push to expand Whistler’s representation on the School Board to two Trustees. We now have that privilege and are hard pressed to find individuals to fill the positions. In case you didn’t notice Andrée Janyk, the incumbent, and Chris Vernon-Jarvis were both acclaimed while there are seven candidates for mayor and 17 for council!