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What was doing well was the huge corporate sponsors who blocked off all the local shops and streets. Coke tents had all the concessions, logo wear and Olympic paraphernalia.

Let’s be real here and realize that couch potato-type people that watch sports aren’t the same as those we’re accustomed to, who participate in sports.

I’ll vote for Norbert’s multi-use rink that will bring a wide range of guests to the resort, otherwise we’ll just become a sterile corporate sports complex, and then where’s our mojo?

Allan Crawford

Canadian Snowmobile Adventures



Better uses for land

Does anyone think for a moment that another council (such as the city of Vancouver) would take one of the last pieces of downtown real estate and build a hockey rink on it that would be used for a week in the year 2010, then go on to host midget and beer-league hockey for the rest of its existence?

Give me a break. If Whistler were to obtain a National Hockey League franchise, perhaps. But to take what is arguably the best available piece of vacant land in the village (lots 1 and 9) and use them for an arena is absurd.

I can think of a dozen better uses, including a future hospital where a Whistler mother could give birth to a child, or an aging senior could have his or her gallbladder removed. I won't even mention the need for emergency hospital service in the event of an Olympic crisis. Has there ever been an Olympics slated in a city without a hospital?

Would Vancouver even dream of removing St. Paul's Hospital or VGH from the downtown core in favor of a sledge hockey rink?

I see nothing wrong with the option to accept $8 million for a second ice surface and Paralympic practice facility at Meadow Park, $4 million for an upgraded athlete's centre in Cheakamus South and allowing the remaining $8 million to go to Squamish for the Olympic venue. This way everybody wins.

And we certainly don't need a pie-in-the-sky overpass, combination arena, shopping facility and condo complex. The overcrowded retail section is slaving away just to pay the landlord and PST after four seasons of declining business. Room rentals have decreased 19 per cent.