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Our responsibilities

This letter is written in response to the loss of life which occurred on Highway 99 the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 5, within the boundary of the District of Squamish, to remind us of the ephemeral nature of life and of our responsibilities to respect life and each other.

Could it have been you who killed her? Was it you who crossed the yellow line, out of control, on a slick fall evening?

Could it have been you who initiated a mother’s flight of 5,000 miles to harvest her daughter on Thanksgiving weekend?

Could it have been you who drew us to a social milieu to celebrate her life? As we listened to those who soliloquized her life our hearts ached and we offered the gift of tears for a life dedicated to nurturing the children of those in our close knit communities. We mourned the children she will never bear. We grieved alongside those who would have shared in the creation and culmination of her dreams and goals.

Could it have been you who injured those left behind? Their fellowship and destiny forever altered. The impact to their hearts will never completely heal. The brave invincibility of like-minded souls forever shattered by dominion and metal.

Could it have been you? We become distracted, we become impatient, we build faster, instead of better, safer. We fashion a domain for external gratification while leaving the armour of a life by the side of a road. The machines of man have no soul – metal implements driven astray.

Could it have been you? Our devotion to the speed of technology will never transcend human essence. Live in harmony, construct for life, influence for a symbiotic domain.

Could it have been you? Learn, respond, transcend.

Could it have been you who pulled out to pass?

Jeannine Bradshaw



Sarah will be remembered

In our small Sea to Sky Corridor, we have loved and lost many precious souls over the years. On Oct. 5, 2005, we lost Sarah McSeveney in a tragic and unnecessary car accident and again the communities of Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton are left to grieve, along with Sarah’s beloved family and friends back East. In the words of the Irish we are reminded, "Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, love leaves a memory that no one can steal."

Sarah was a beautiful person, a daughter, a sister, a teacher and a friend and she will be forever remembered in our hearts. I know that at the Whistler Children’s Centre and Spring Creek Children’s Centre, we will miss Sarah’s laughter, her cheeriness and her amazing ability to warm an entire room with just one smile. For the past four years, Sarah has been a teacher at the Spring Creek Children’s Centre running our Daisies Infant program and she has been the first teacher to many little members of our community, soothing tears, creating laughter and forming partnerships with families to ensure the best for the children, she loved as if her own.