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Power of the people

After recently returning from an extended period away from Whistler I was thrilled to be able to once again utilize the vast network of trails for running and biking. I also have the luxury, once again, of working within biking distance of my home – something I did everyday weather permitting.

So you can imagine my disappointment yesterday when I left work to ride my bike home to discover that my trusty steed was gone. Now we are not talking a brand new top of the line mountain bike here, it’s a 14-year-old stranger to suspension, gear sticking, wobbly back wheel, bottom of the barrel clunker.

Why anyone in their right mind – or any mind for that matter – would see the need to steal this bike is beyond me. After the initial shock, then the outright rage, I realized that I was partially to blame for not locking the bike up. That being said, in the 12 years we have lived in Whistler I have never locked my bike and – call me a fool and naïve – but I was hoping that this community was immune to this sort of event. Was I to blame for not locking my bike up or did the person (I use that term in its loosest sense), who obviously had a greater need than I for the bike, bear some responsibility?

After much thought reviewing my options – right it off to experience, kick the cat in frustration (except we don’t have a cat), swear yell and generally get stressed out about it or… maybe I could ensure that this bike thieving individual did not have the pleasure of using my bike either.

So through the power of the Internet and digital photography I have circulated a picture of my bike to every person I know in Whistler – and trust me after 12 years that is a few. I have asked them to be on the lookout for my bike and that they forward the e-mail on to at least two friends. I calculate that within a week over 1,000 people will have the picture and description of my bike. If that does not make the pond scum who stole my bike stop using it then it will at least make them very nervous.

For those of you who will not receive the e-mail with picture please be on the lookout for a no suspension, bright yellow Giant Iguana circa 1991, with purple seat post pack, purple handle bar extensions, plastic back tire rain guard, seat with most of the cover falling off, wobbly back wheel, blue water bottle cage, plastic pump attachment, foot cages on the pedals, the right one held on by wire.

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