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Value-focused initiatives underway

RE: Been there, done that (Pique letters Sept. 8)

In a recent letter to the editor, J.C. Almodovar of Lake Nona, Florida, indicated that following a cost comparison with a number of competitive resorts he has determined it is too expensive to visit Whistler.

As a regular visitor to Whistler, Mr. Almodovar, pointed out that although he considers Whistler to be "the best" resort, he felt destinations such as Vail, Colorado and The Canyons Resort, Utah were more economical in terms of accommodations.

We thank Mr. Almodovar for his feedback and comments. Ensuring we are offering good value to guests is a major focus for Whistler. Tourism Whistler has been working with its members to enhance resort-wide value through improved service, a more diversified product offering, and pricing that fairly reflects the product and service provided. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few things we are doing and to look at Mr. Almodovar's example.

Given the relative difference in resorts, we would expect that Whistler should be slightly more expensive than The Canyons; however, it is surprising to hear that Mr. Almodovar’s research would suggest Whistler to be significantly more expensive than Vail.

Our research indicates that, through the Tourism Whistler early booking offer based on four person occupancy for a seven-night stay in a two bedroom unit in Whistler (peak season), each individual would spend approximately $220 US less by visiting The Canyons and $408 US more by visiting Vail (based on luxury properties within 200 yards of the slopes).

Whistler has promoted the early booking offer for the past two years, providing visitors who book between early August and Oct. 31 savings of up to 35 per cent. And this year, Whistler-Blackcomb Mountains have added even more value by offering one free mountain-top lesson for each person who is booked in the early-bird package. As well, Discover Whistler Days will be introduced this year to offer children and adults 50 per cent off Ski and Snowboard School multi-day group lessons 11 weeks throughout the winter season.

In addition is exciting news for our family guests, this winter Whistler Blackcomb will open a new Tube Park as well as increased terrain in the Whistler Mountain Family Zone and wider ski outs on Blackcomb with more gradual slopes.

These are but a few of the value-focused initiatives underway at Whistler. We invite Mr. Almodovar and all of our guests to visit our website at to review even more of the incredible offers available this winter season.

It is critical to our success that we continue to be very aware of perceptions regarding the value being offered at Whistler. As a resort, we recognize the opportunity to enhance value for our visitors and we are working closer together than ever before in order to achieve this critical goal.