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How do we get our mojo back?

We never lost it. We’ve always had it. It just seems we had it so good for a couple of years that everyone thought it was normal and started thinking that every year should go up by an amazing amount with no effort. Wrong. Whistler was built on wanting to be the best in the world and then making it happen by any means necessary. We are still the best in the world. As far as having the whole package in one place there is nowhere on earth as incredible and as fantastic as Whistler.

It seems we forgot that to be the best when every other resort copies everything we do, you have to progress. Progression means thinking and doing not just thinking and evaluating and then forming a committee to do the same thing all over again for more money.

I read Tourism Whistler is looking for creative uses of the driving range in the winter. Here’s one. Let’s rip it out and put in something that makes people want to come here as badly as skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers do. Let’s put in something that makes people count the days till they can come back. The driving range has never brought anyone to Whistler. The golf courses sure, but the driving range never. That land is supposed to have something on it that makes people come to Whistler, sleep in the hotels, eat in the restaurants, shop in the stores and whoop it up in the clubs. It does nothing of the sort. Whistler should rip out the driving range and put in a centre that is filled with things to do that you would travel to Whistler to do.

Whistler should build a surf park on the driving range. To see what a surfpark is, go to Tofino is going through the roof right now because of surfing. Last time I was there, there were over 500 people in the water on rental boards, paying to stay in hotels and eat at restaurants. If Whistler built a surfpark, people from all over the world would come to Whistler to surf and learn to surf. A covered surfpark would cost $12-15 million US, depending on number of pools etc, according to the company that builds them. We should build something that is the best in the world.

While we're building the box for the surfpark we should also be incorporating a great multi-use playground. We should build an indoor skateboard and BMX park that is the best in the world, the best climbing wall ever built so people would drive from Squamish to do more than work, a swimming pool with something to jump off now that there is no more rope swing at the lake, a training centre, gyms for whatever can be imagined, and a sledge hockey arena for the Olympics. In the design, put stories of underground parking so everyone can drive the new fabulous highway, come in to town, then park and forget about their car. Once we are done I’m sure we would be up to $58 million but we would have a facility that would bring people to Whistler just like the "crazy idea of the bike park" or "two mountains" does.