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The kindness of strangers

Thank you to the gentleman who stopped in his truck to see if my daughter was OK when she fell off her bike on the Valley Trail that runs by the highway just before Emerald on Saturday, Aug. 20th. She sustained a badly skinned knee and various other bumps and bruises but is still in one piece and is alternating between milking the scrape for sympathy and grossing people out with it.

Your concern was much appreciated and I thank you for your kindness!

Melanie Trotto


Thanks for going Slow

The organizers of Slow Food Cycle Sunday wish to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to all the participants, vendors, farm host, and volunteers who made this event such a success. Amazingly, we welcomed almost 400 cyclists!

Thanks as well to all the drivers on the Meadows Road that day for their patience. Conditions were perfect – a sunny, warm morning, and a tail wind in the afternoon to help everyone home. Thank you for helping us celebrate farmland and food in the Pemberton Meadows. See you next year!

Lisa Richardson and Anna Helmer


Low-life bike theives

To the low-life scum who stole my son's mountain bike:

On Saturday, July 30th, my son and several of his friends had their mountain bikes stolen. These boys did not leave their bikes unattended, in fact, they were triple locked and placed in the hotel's "secure" bike storage room. Whoever these creeps are, they know exactly what to look for... high end bikes... expensive bikes... my son's dream bike... a bike he saved two summers for (working an honest job, unlike you scum who have probably never worked an honest day in your lives).

Thanks for ruining these boys’ summers, and thanks for making a group of great guys just that much more cynical. I guess when they can afford to replace their bikes they may think twice about biking in Wonderful Whistler!

Hopefully the people who stole these bikes are able to read!

Peggy Norris-Jones

North Vancouver

Holborn community minded

In May of this year I wrote a letter to the editor titled "Dine and dash development" in regard to the Whistler tennis facility. Since then there has been a lot of effort made by the community and the Holborn Group to fully understand the needs, benefits, and obligations of a Whistler-class facility. The Holborn Group has needed help in understanding Whistler. It is encouraging to see staff, council, community members and the developer working through the preliminary stages of the re-zoning process.

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