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Rainbow contributes to sustainability

Re: Rainbow Lands

After attending the open house presentation of the proposed Rainbow Properties redevelopment, we support the overall proposal. The inclusion of a major local service commercial development would be an asset to serve the new neighborhood.

We understand that these facilities would incorporate a grocery store, pharmacy, neighborhood pub, bank, beer and wine store, coffee shop and a gas station — all amenities that are presently lacking in the Alpine-Emerald corridor. Thought might also be given to a post office.

In view of the newly adopted “2020 Resort Sustainability Plan” and the previously adopted “Whistler Valley Traffic policies”, the proposed commercial facilities would be supporting these policies: less driving-less pollution.

Accordingly, council should support the proposed local service commercial.

As to the present economic downturn in the village core, this is more a result of high rents and high property taxation and an ineffective marketing program. Village merchants target a different clientele. As an owner of village commercial property I am aware of some other merchants who do not differentiate between local service commercial and commercial space, which caters to pedestrian tourist traffic. They have been pressuring council to restrict Rainbow’s commercial space. That is a mistake, which council should not make. Their concerns should not be confused with the needs to serve the local population with a “sustainable” way of “affordability” to live in these areas.

Peter & Trudy Alder



Rainbow needs to move forward

Re: Rainbow Site Proposal

I have read with concern that others have expressed some objections to the commercial component being proposed for this site as well as the number of market units and the terms of the restricted rental housing, all stemming from the disclosures made at the recent public open house, and requesting that the rezoning process be further delayed.

Given that this incredibly desirable site has been sought after for employee housing for at least the past 15 years it would, in my view, be an absolute travesty for council to introduce any further delays and not allow the rezoning to be completed and approved this fall thereby allowing servicing and construction to get underway next spring.

To my knowledge, the current zoning of this site would allow up to something like 60,000 sq. ft. of commercial development but only 18,500 sq. ft. is being proposed, and all in the form of much needed local service commercial uses, including a service station, to serve the north end of the community. The reduction in traffic due to elimination of trips now required to the towncentre and Creekside to obtain these services will be significant.

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