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The other day a friend asked me what idea I had to make it better and why doesn?t the business community get involved politically. I told him we had just seen the answer at the council meeting earlier that night. It lays waiting in all the national and international awards received for the methods and results of the Whistler 2020 document.

The method used to create the 2020 document could easily have been used to engage the business community in a thorough analysis of the costs and opportunities of an arena at the beginning of the time frame instead of working for years behind closed doors negotiating away the opportunity. We know this system works through the success of the 2020 document to date. We have the tools to make informed and rational decisions on matters of our community. They are here now and instead of waiting for the mayor?s parting promise of ?delivered financial tools from Victoria,? we should be using the tools and the talent we have right here and now to guide our decisions.

Why didn?t the business community get involved? We were never asked!

The point is that the business community has known for four or five years that there is a decline in business and council has just recently seen fit to officially endorse this problem and now wants to give it the attention it deserves. Well they dropped the ball on the biggest opportunity to do something about it in years.

We have to stop relying on the mountains and other recreational operators to provide our guests with non-skiing based recreation in the village, where guests can easily walk from their hotels. This is what the guest are demanding on the street and in the shops. A shuttle service to ?an enhanced athlete centre? is not going to calm the families on a rainy day in January or entice a trade show to town in May or October.

There is going to be a public information meeting on the arena. Get out there, make your voice heard, demand the best for your town from those who represent you.

Let?s make the most of the opportunities we are given to strengthen our economic base and worry less about enhancing Squamish?s.

Christopher Quinlan

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