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It's time for Whistler to stop thinking inside a bubble, the pain of being separated from neighbors to the north and south was felt not so long ago. Communities pulled together to help people from other communities, but information was hard to get. Can Whistler learn to communicate and share with neighboring communities, so that in the future we can continue to be at least as kind? The local authorities in communities of the Sea to Sky corridor and Vancouver (and their respective councils), had better start working together to improve our communication systems if we are going to weather the storm and still be on good terms when it passes, as all storms do.

Leanne Lamour




Stand and be heard

With all the excitement and speculation surrounding our telecommuting mayor?s announcement, Councillor Davies?s declaration, the awesome weather and the fever surrounding the success of Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival, we are in danger of forgetting there is a major decision to be officially made regarding the Paralympic ice arena. Now the mayor and council will swear up and down that there have been no behind-closed-doors decision made, but all we have to do is look back at Councilor Lamont?s question to Bill Barratt at the council meeting one month ago, and we know there is serious duplicity in the denials. ?äcommitments have been made, what do we do if the community tells us at the public information meeting that they want the arena even after they see the numbers??

At the last council meeting the public question period was once again used to express exasperation at the present economic reality of Whistler. While Mayor O?Reilly expressed unwavering empathy for the situation (no easy feat with his intimate knowledge that he would soon be joining the real estate elite with Intrawest?s Playground Group), a few councillors quoted some stats and rationales from the previous Tourism Whistler all members meeting, asked staff for some reports they had been waiting for and a couple called for an imminent appointment of an economic development officer. Good intentions, but I suspect that by the time we went through the consultant choosing process, ignored the recommendations of staff and the public and picked the last person in the list with any real aptitude or energy for the job, the whole thing would be an election issue in another three years.

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