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John McBean



Any communication in a storm?

Is this a joke? Ever since "we" won the bid, Whistler became the world's Whistler, everyone's Whistler. The world sees the entire Sea to Sky corridor as one big community. Can we stop bickering over who gets what like a bunch of children and focus on the real issue here? The lack of pertinent valuable information available to the members of the Sea to Sky community, on issues affecting our own backyard, is appalling.

Who knows, G.D. Maxwell, maybe these anonymous advertisers have grow ops in their basements and they're paranoid, or maybe they're Buddhists who want to remain anonymous because they don't have names anymore. Do you read a moving anonymous poem and say, "who wrote that!" and claim it's meaningless and suspect without an author?

Who cares who is behind the ad? The fact that it is there points to a serious problem, more serious than who gets a stupid arena. What about when there is a toxic spill in a local river, and the people whose drinking water could be poisoned aren't informed. Local sources are sparse and unreliable. Not everyone watches TV, or listens to the radio, and where is the local (important) info there anyway? We have to defer to rumours and overheard conversations of local workers, or read an article in a Toronto newspaper (Globe and Mail, Saturday, Aug.6, ?Train derails...?). The only reliable source of information in a crisis becomes the RCMP. Like communication is their speciality.

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