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Hugh's two major legacies are the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan and the 2010 Olympics. Early indications show these two initiatives are on a major collision course, with sustainability as the likely loser. We need committed locals to ensure VANOC lives up to its sustainability promises.

Too bad we've lost one of our key advocates

Bob Brett




Answering the call

I am writing to express my disappointment with Mayor O'Reilly's decision to move to Hawaii before his term ends. Though only a few months are left for him in the post, our municipality is facing unprecedented challenges which require leadership to resolve. It seems that Mayor O'Reilly will rush to answer opportunity's knock in person. But when duty calls? He'll take that one on line 2.

Chris Hodkinson




Top dogs and underdogs

Top Dog: Rainbow land developers

Underdogs: Eva Lake Residents (whose buildings are sinking)

Everybody needs to know that several of the developers of the Rainbow Lands were financially, professionally or technically involved in the construction of Eva Lake Estates. I know because I was there.

In all fairness to the Eva Lake residents, my value system screams out — Fix Eva Lake before we OK the Rainbow resident neighborhood.

Right now at Eva Lake you have owners/strata suing the engineer, whose insurance company is suing the builder (who is not insured) and ?silent? partners staying silent. Then you the us, the RMOW, who own and lease the Eva Lake land, and Whistler Housing Authority, whose primary job is to help our employees. And all are doing nothing to help our employee housing residents at Eva Lake. The only ones making money are the lawyers!   Something is very wrong about this picture.

Come on people! Everybody get together and resolve the problems at Eva Lake. Put your money where it?s needed. It will come back to you ten-fold with the Rainbow land resident housing project.

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