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Whose Whistler?

I read the full page ad in last week's Pique and couldn't help wondering who it was from. The bold lettering and splash of green made it look a lot like a campaign sign for an upcoming election. But was the message from a hopeful mayoral candidate getting an early start; a group of village merchants who would like to see an arena nearby to bolster business; or maybe a group of village merchants backing a hopeful mayoral candidate? It was hard to say because nobody was willing to sign their name to the ad.

I thought I could clear up everything and avoid writing this letter by going to the website. After a string of six increasingly ludicrous and evasive e-mails, I was still unable to find out who is behind OurWhistler, apart from one person speaking on their behalf. Two of the three postings on the site (as of Tuesday) asked who the group of concerned citizens are and who they're funded by. The reply was that "the focus should be on where the community is headed," and that " is not meant to speak for people, but rather give people a place to speak." Great, but who are they?

When it comes to public dialogue, identifying one's self is essential. Otherwise the whole effort smacks of a hidden agenda, and a lack of transparency and honest communication. Sounds a lot like what the anonymous ads are complaining about at muni hall.

Stephen Vogler


Of Mac and Tosh and Alex

I am writing in response to the letter from Alex Scott about "The Charging Dog". I am 10 years old and live next door to Alex and her dogs Mac and Tosh. I play with Mac and Tosh almost everyday for the past five years. A few months ago, my brother was bitten by a dog that lives on Valley Drive and he didn't even receive an apology from the owners, even though they knew about him being bitten and how to contact him.

I think Alex is a very responsible dog owner since she wrote a letter and apologized for what Tosh did. I am glad that nobody was hurt. I think Mac and Tosh are wonderful dogs and that Alex is a very good person.

Lexi Thind


Request for ice time

The present ice arena with its magnificent view, etc. must be one of the finest skating facilities in North America, and thanks to the staff who create probably the best ice in British Columbia.

Having said that, I do wish to register a simple complaint. Ice skating on Saturdays and Sundays for many tourists, local school children and Vancouver city Whistlerites, who come up only on the weekends, represents a most attractive alternative and represents an equal activity to five or six other sporting activities available at Whistler.