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Julia Summers

Via e-mail

Enough already

I’ve had it! It has been way too long. The construction on the Crystal has gone on far too long! It is killing business and it is driving our hard working fellow Whistler retail employees to the brink of insanity. Never mind compensation, how about retribution.

Day in and day out with the same slow paced backward schedule that puts the project beyond behind schedule. And what does the municipality have to say about it? Hmmm, more crap about a living allowance for over priced parking ticketers and the façade that we truly need an abundance of their self-indulgent royal presence.

Whistler needs a good healthy summer. Finish off the obnoxiously overpriced per square foot renovation of the Crystal. Do it during non-retail working hours!

And never mind CUPE this CUPE that, it makes me ashamed to call myself a local when our own ambassadors of Whistler cry out for a living allowance when, most workers in Whistler realize the dream of being here takes sacrifices and hard work.

Let us pull together to make the summer of 05 a session which puts aside aching construction issues and champions our municipal workers with the credit they so truly deserve.

Devan Williams