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While we are delighted with the RMOW’s selection of the new site for our building (behind the Post Office, just off MarketPlace), the move has come at a rather inconvenient time, with the Whistler Children’s Art Festival set for this weekend. We have experienced difficulties in staying in close contact with the fantastic artists, performers, volunteers and community who work so hard to make this festival an ongoing success for Whistler.

The RMOW staff is working hard to get us back on-line as quickly as possible. In the meantime, for those of you attempting to contact us, please do so by leaving a message on our answering machine at 604-938-9221, or by e-mail at Our staff is making every effort to return messages as soon as possible. A full schedule of workshops and entertainment at this year’s Whistler Children’s Art Festival is available at and will be distributed throughout Whistler this Thursday, July 21st.

And, by the way, the Whistler Children’s Arts Festival could really use some volunteer help! Your support would be greatly appreciated!

Anne Popma,

Board Chair, Whistler Arts Council

Surprising conclusion

I was a bit surprised by the wrap-up to the article entitled "Pemberton

drug busts up" in the July 14 edition of Pique Newsmagazine. After speaking about drug busts and marijuana grow-ops, Filipenko concludes by stating that Staff Sgt. "McPhail sees drugs and substance abuse as the primary issue in the community and he sees working as a community towards a closer relationship with the First Nations as essential to developing strategies on the social issues that challenge both communities."

Immediately, with no explanation, Filipenko links the First Nations community with Pemberton's drug problems. There is no other mention of the First Nation community in this "drug" article, it just is dropped in at the end. At best this is lazy reporting, for if this community is to blame for the majority of these problems, an article of this kind should provide relevant statistics to back up such a claim. Otherwise such an unexplained leap is perpetuating ignorance and reinforcing negative stereotypes of First Nation people. This conclusion also suggests that theirs is a community to be dealt with by the community at large, which presumably is the white community as suggested by the term "both communities".

I think that the Pique is a respectable paper and was thus shocked by what I thought was a slippage in the usual level of journalistic integrity.