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Yes, these thoughts crossed my mind as I drove north in the curb lane and decided that from that time on I must remember to be in the curb lane on that stretch of highway.

The economy of Whistler would also be affected by a major accident on the highway with negative publicity in the local, national and international media and that label, "Killer Highway," would be applied again.

Roads are not the culprits; we are. Yes, each of us, when we either drive so as to endanger the wellbeing of others or allow others to do so unchallenged.

To those who risk ruining our lives I say, "Is your hurry so great that you will risk an accident that will make you late?" To the rest I plead, let us get these drivers off the road.

Keith Fernandes


What’s left?

Re: Viewed through 2020 (Pique letters July 7).

I for one totally agree with Toby Salin of Whistler. Whistler has and is losing its uniqueness, its kind of quaint appearance. Soon it will become just like a strip mall or a shopping centre in the city. Then you might as well change its name to "The Same" cause it will be the same as any place you go. Then who will want to come and visit? No snow, no summer and no quaint unique groovy stores.

Hmm, but wait there is an $8 million library here, let’s go check it out... Hey where is the museum? Didn't it use to be right next door to the library? Yeah it did. But not after the library’s built. Gee, no history either. Let’s get out of here.

S. French


It takes a community

A great big hug and thanks to all the kids, parents and community members whose time and donations funded my children's summer camps. Especially thanks to Deanna White, and Julie Kelly, your kindness touches our hearts. Also, thanks to the Wolf brothers, Eric Ridington and Shawn Hughes for their search and rescue efforts. During this sad time for our family we sure are glad we belong to this community.

Brian, Lyndsay, Mackenzie Ness


Trying to keep in touch

On behalf of the Whistler Arts Council, I wish to convey our sincere appreciation to everyone who has been so patient during our current dislocation as our building is being moved to make room for construction of the new library, and to request your continued co-operation as we remain (temporarily) without telephone or e-mail contact with you.