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Just below this valuable missive is an ad for summer dog sledding with a trio of people ripping up some gnarly singletrack behind a pack of slathering hounds. Don't these furry friends get a summer vacation from their winter travails as beasts of burden?

Well I guess it's some comic relief from the ubiquitous and somewhat tiresome real estate adverts, even though I really like that condo sales slogan "An opportunity of a lifestyle."

Keep smilin'

John Inglis



The how of Whistler's E-Quotient

Whistler attracts far too many free-spirited bright and creative people ÒoptingÓ for jobs for which they are over qualified; a situation which leads to them leaving the area after a few seasons despite their love of the lifestyle. The integration of technology within businesses that serve local tourism and the local community, as suggested in last weekÕs article, is not enough to retain this precious talent pool. There are just too few opportunities and anyway too much development might crush the joy of living here.

Sustainably raising WhistlerÕs E-Quotient requires promoting start-ups that deliver value to segments of the global community and ÒhappenÓ to opt to locate in this spacious haven. Whistler needs to get real in the virtual world. The implementation of such a strategy would involve seeking government sponsorship and venture capital funding, the provision of mentorship, networks and infrastructure, and last but not least promoting Whistler as the place for businesses that can use technology to locate anywhere and serve everywhere.

Jill Shepherd

Assistant Professor

Management of Technology MBA

Simon Fraser University

& Whistler local


Talking trash

I bike to work from Nordic to Function when I can, and I'm appalled every time at the amount of garbage on the side of the highway. There is everything from construction waste to real estate signs to fast food containers and more. I know you can't see this as much when you drive the highway, but that doesn't mean that it's not there. It's not the best entrance to the wonderful world of Whistler, especially when you throw in the delightful aromas that greet you at ÒBodily-Function Junction.Ó Can't something be done about this? After all, I thought there was a $2,000 fine for littering. What about making the skids who come up here looking for trouble, do some community service by walking the highway collecting trash? Living in a beautiful community like this (and anywhere else for that matter), we should all be more aware of our responsibilities to keep our environment litter free.