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The Pemberton Valley is a unique ecosystem, once very wild and dominated by rivers and streams. Humans have intervened to utilize the valley's exceptional growing conditions. Nevertheless, the farmers and residents in the valley clearly care for the land, wildlife and wetlands. Their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices is very reassuring. I applaud consumers, grocers, restaurants and businesses for their continued support for local farmers' products.

Ramona Scott,

Agricultural Liaison Conservation Partners Program

The Land Conservancy of B.C.



Not just a Pemberton story

Hats off to you both, to Cindy Filipenko and to Pique for providing such a fabulous and interesting article (Fresh takes on farming food, Pique June 16). Although I have a vested interest in the topic (my family was highlighted in the article), I work off the farm as a Registered Massage Therapist and Paramedic most of the year and thus have access to some of the minds of Pemberton and Whistler.

The response that I have heard has been tremendous. People have been stopping me in the street to discuss the impact that this article could have on Pemberton and Whistler. In times of economic uncertainty such as these, it is inspiring to hear stories of success and innovation coming from the likes of Bruce Miller (Across the Creek) and Jordan Sturdy (North Arm Farm).

This is not just a Pemberton story. Many visitors to Whistler make day trips to Pemberton and the stronger Pemberton's soul is, the more the Whistler visitor will leave feeling happy and eager to return.

Thanks again for providing us with a wonderful read and an insight into a vibrant and growing economy.

Jennie Helmer



Comic/advertising relief

While perusing your June 23rd issue I was drawn to some interesting advertisements on page 23. First up was the Ruby Tuesday ad for cell phone accessories which implored the reader to add "a little bling bling for your ring ring." I mean come on! You can't be serious! No wonder China is going to rule the world in the next decade if they can convince us consumer-holics that we need to buy jewels for the antenna of our cellphones. How about a Paris Hilton signature mini purse with stuffed chihuahua to boot?