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The league has grown and begun a journey that surpasses many peopleÕs expectations and I am looking forward to watching that continue.

I would like to thank Paul for his unwavering loyalty and support throughout this year. We began this year with huge dreams and so many ideas that just starting a few of them seems incredible and he has been a true friend.

Bettina Falloon and Phill Read will be carrying on what we have begun and I wish them all the best. I know they will do a wonderful job and I also know the support they receive will be as amazing as what I received.

Val Fowler



Aid in perspective

Ms. BartoshÕs article (Are we too late to the table?) in last weekÕs Pique concerned an issue that is left out of a lot of Canadian newspapers, so I sincerely thank her for pointing out something far more important than AraxiÕs newest glowing recommendation. While I certainly agree with many of her points, she leaves out many others.

It is easy for anyone blessed to live in a ÒhaveÓ country, such as ours, to scream at the government to increase the amount of foreign aid that we send to the Òhave nots.Ó What isnÕt easy is to recognize our own personal responsibility to end poverty and hunger and do our part. IÕm worried that we think Bob GeldofÕs Live 8 is Òour part.Ó Certainly, our main trepidation shouldnÕt be that we got, as Ms. Bartosh puts it, Òasked to be a bridesmaid two days before the wedding.Ó

My real concern is that by turning AfricaÕs desperate condition into a rock show, and a poor one at that, it dumbs down the issue. It makes it seem simple: foreign aid = no more hunger. When, in fact, that is just simply not the case. Foreign aid is a baby step. Oppressive governments, poor education, and greedy corporations are just a few of the major complexities.