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We have had over 30 adults working with our students on literacy skills this year. This special group of volunteers is comprised of: parents, retired teachers and other community members who wanted to help our school in a meaningful way. David, Lisa, and their staff from Starbucks for example, have been coming in on their days off to volunteer in our classrooms. Myrtle Philip School is also the recipient of Literacy grants from Starbucks. We cannot think of another community that has given more or supported the education of their young children more. We truly are fortunate and the real winners here are our children.

In addition to immeasurable volunteer hours, our community also donates products and services whenever we ask. For example Nesters, the IGA and Starbucks have been very generous with food and beverages throughout the year. There are also other merchants, too many to mention, who give repeatedly from year to year to help us with our various fundraising events.

We believe that our parents and our community are all partners in helping us educate our children. Remember: ÒIt takes a village to raise a child.Ó We all have a stake in enabling a child reach his fullest potential. The MPCS staff knows that our community has embraced this ideal wholeheartedly.

Thank you Whistler.

Ron Albertin for,

The Staff of Myrtle Philip Community School


Moving on

The Pemberton Youth Soccer season is coming to a close and as some of you may have noticed, I have stepped down from the position of Administrator. The year has been an amazing journey and I have learned a great deal about this valley we live in. The parents, coaches and kids truly make this area a unique and delightful place to raise a family. The support that I have received from the coaches and parents has made this past year a delight and I would like to thank everyone. The soccer season allowed me to meet and get to know many great people that I never would have, if it hadnÕt been for the great game that we share.