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Now that I've dismantled every point he tried to make I have two questions: With all the intelligent local letters Pique receives why do you choose to print inept letters from out of towners that have no validity? And who is the real ignorant buffoon?

Tim Gorgichuk



Help appreciated

To the person who was throwing chunks of concrete around outside the 7-Eleven last Thursday night, you are officially an idiot. The 11 stitches in my forehead confirm it.

To all the people who stopped to help me when said chunk of concrete landed on my forehead, thank you. To the concerned passers-by, the guy from Domino's, paramedics Karen and Mike who were brilliant and helpful and so reassuring, Drs Stanley and De Marco at Whistler Medical Centre, the nurses and reception staff, the police officers who attended and did as much as they could; I cannot say how grateful I am to all of you for your help, care and concern. You all helped to make the random, terrible experience a bit less terrible.

Sarah Hand



It takes a villageÉ

To the Community of Whistler

The expression: ÒIt takes a village to raise a childÓ applies universally. WhistlerÕs children are fortunate to live in a community that believes in these words. As we prepare for another school year-end, the staff members at Myrtle Philip Community School would like to express sincere gratitude to our community members who have taken so much pride in helping to ÒraiseÓ our students.

Our parents and our community support us where we need it most, in the classroom and on the schoolyard. Did you know that parents tirelessly provide hot lunches to our students twice a week? Did you know that parents volunteer during their workday to supervise on the playground? Did you know that parents organize school supply orders and run our recycling program? Did you know that parents take the lead in organizing our annual Fun Day and help to organize and supply our food bank? Did you realize that without parentsÕ participation, we would not be able to go on field trips that support and enrich our curriculum? Did you know that we have a Repeated Reading and Literacy Program in which parents and community members work one on one with our students in our classrooms? Did you know that our parents spend countless hours in our library helping to make it a wonderful place for our children to be?