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This is all about plugging a loophole in the zoning of the village which no one thought needed plugging until recently. It may not have been on the planning department's 2005 workplan; it ought to have been on the 1980 workplan when the CC1 zone was first crafted.

Some people may have confused this bylaw with the most unfortunate London Drugs rezoning. CouncilĂ•s job is to consider the issues carefully, explain your position clearly and then do the right thing. We pay you the big bucks to make the hard decisions, not to run for cover behind the "more planning" screen when faced with controversy.

I encourage mayor and council to bring this bylaw back to the table and get on with it.

Nancy Wilhelm-Morden



Choice questions

Re: The choice is clear (Pique letters June 23rd)

I understand Pique should print letters from people on both sides of the London Drugs issue. However, I find it interesting that the only people writing against London Drugs seem to be the business people who may lose some money, and a few exceptions like J-L Brussac of Coquitlam who tells us the choice is clear. He calls anyone who is for London Drugs "a bunch of ignorant buffoons." It's not only that we want cheap CDs, electronics, appliances and computer supplies. It's also that we simply don't have any stores in the village that supply these items. He tells us that in Coquitlam he finds better deals for these products at other big box stores and small businesses. Well that's great for you but in Whistler Village we don't have that choice. It's either an over-priced limited selection or no selection at all.

A Hippocratic Oath for pharmacists? Are you serious? Maybe in Europe/Russia drugstores dictate what you can buy in their stores but here in Canada drugstores supply customers what they demand and leave it up to us to make our own choices. Yes, that means they sell cigarettes and stop smoking aids, also junk food and diet products. This is the joy of living in a capitalist democracy.

London Drugs might not be an essential part of my life but they would certainly enhance my quality of life in Whistler. He suggests we can't expect to have all the conveniences of a big town. We're not asking for all the conveniences but adding a store with much needed goods and services to a village that already has all the stores of any shopping center only makes good sense. He writes that there isn't a mountain or beach resort in the world with suburbs full of big cheap stores. That is just flat out wrong. Cypress, Grouse and Mount Seymour are mountain resorts right in your area with suburbia right at their bases, just to name a few. As far as beach resorts I had a hard time thinking of any that don't have suburbs full of big cheap stores. Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Hawaii, L.A., Miami, Puerto Rico, Jamaica...etc. The list could go on for pages for both mountain and beach resorts.