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Pemberton Meadows International?

I read with interest how excited everyone is about an airport in Pemberton. Has anyone asked the locals? Do they know that the flight path does not come up the Squamish-Whistler Valley? It comes from the northwest and the final approach route for these 737s comes right down the valley through the Pemberton Meadows, low and loud. Is this good for us?

At a recent Whistler Council meeting about the Brandywine alternative, one of the councillors asked why would anyone want to live under the approach to an airport? Good question. I suggest our leaders in Pemberton or the SLRD make an effort to solicit an opinion from the folks in the Meadows before this thing goes too far. My suggestion: take a bus!

Mike Graham



Airport questions abound

Re: Commercial airport in Pemberton

Well I'm all for progress as long as it benefits all and not just the select few, so my questions are these:

1. What level of pollution, noise and fuel emissions will be released into our beautiful valley here?

2. Because we are in a valley, how will these emissions disperse naturally without causing harm to our valley vegetation and how long will it take before these fuel emissions show themselves to us in the quality of our air intake?

3. What kind of flight patterns will they be taking? Will they be travelling over reserve areas that are restricted areas?

4. As they come in to land, where will they be dumping their excess fuel to make the landing easier as bigger planes have been know to do?

We all talk about, dare I say it, sustainability (I'm actually getting tired of that phrase as its seems to be losing its meaning and becoming a catch word). Anyway, we picked up the gauntlet of the one tonne challenge but as private citizens we can only do so much; the biggest culprits are the big commercial businesses. Are we helping or hindering by painting over the issue with a green brush of the almighty dollar? If we're going to take a stand at least let it be one that will make a difference in the long run.

The best quote I have seen was on a bumper sticker of an old van that said "We did not inherit the earth we are simply borrowing it from our children."

How we value our children’s future will show in what kind of condition we return it in.

Heidi Goldie