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Why is it that a woman whose only crime is to be brain damaged can be condemned to a long cruel death by dehydration?

I will not argue the pros and cons of whether Terri Schiavo should be kept alive in her "vegetative state" because I do not know whether she can recognize her family or will ever get better. But what if she can feel pain?

Nobody knows what pain she is going through right now with no food or water, or what pain she will eventually suffer before she dies. She cannot tell us.

Whoever condemns her to death, whoever says her brain is too damaged for her to keep on living, should have the courage to administer a lethal injection, and end her suffering humanely.

Oh, but the doctors can't do that because it is euthanasia and that opens up a minefield of moral problems. Shades of Nazi Germany, fear in Alzheimer patients in extended care homes.

So a lingering death by dehydration and starvation is all right because it is a "natural" death, and a quick and humane death is murder.

Someone should take responsibility for the barbaric way this poor handicapped woman is being slowly killed in the name of the law.

Ruth Buzzard