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What can we do as a community? Don’t ignore the problem; if you see someone walking away from a steaming pile say something! I’m sure you are tired of scraping poo off your shoes, bike tires, skateboard grip-tape, and kids too.

Dog owners, if you don’t have a scoop, here is a simple and foolproof solution; open any near-by garbage can and voila! I guarantee there will be at least one paper coffee cup with a plastic lid, grab that cup, dump the last of the latte out, and you have the best poop scoop ever. You don’t have to touch the stuff; you can use the lid to help roll in any stubborn turds, then you can put the lid back on and carry the load back to the receptacle and no one sees you carrying a bag-o-crap, only an unassuming warm cup of mocha smoothie. Unsanitary you say? Better than the obvious health risks of having 90,000 pounds of crap on the ground!

Brian Finestone



Stay positive

I often read the letters written in the paper in Whistler. It might seem strange for a tourist like me, who only comes up to Whistler for six weeks a year, to do so, but it is a keen way for me to gain insight into the community I love visiting. In fact, it’s difficult for me to read them without having to suppress a tinge of jealousy of you people who are lucky enough to call the community of Whistler your own.

What I cannot understand is how a select few of you have developed such poor attitudes and have taken to publishing outrageous lies and quoting others for no other reason than to grind your own personal political axes. You are acting like children, squabbling and screaming over a prize toy that no one else has. If you keep fighting like you are, you may end up damaging it. Keep a positive attitude or keep quiet. That’s what my mother taught me when I was five.

Sandi White


Who’s taking responsibility?

When a beloved pet is old and terminally ill, its owner may take it to the vet to be humanely put down by injection.

If the same owner decided to end his pet's suffering by locking it in its kennel and depriving it of food and water until it died the SPCA would charge him with cruelty.

In the state of Texas a condemned murderer is executed by lethal injection. He is not locked in his cell and deprived of food and water for however long it takes to die naturally of dehydration and starvation.