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I have been personally using this crossing for 35 years to access the beautiful forested Crown land on the river frontage south of the tracks, always aware of the risks but aware also of how minuscule they are compared with the risks of travelling on Highway 99. I think I am not alone in this declaration.

The bridge crossing is an important link from Pemberton to recreational lands east of the crossing. I urge BCR/CN, local government and other stakeholders such as the PVTA to come to an agreement which would provide a safe, legal crossing for the benefit of all users.

Hugh Naylor


Splendour faces diminishment

It’s a sad state of affairs when our government plans to develop our parks, under the guise of accessibility for seniors and families (Local groups wary of proposal to build lodges in parks; Pique, March 17). What hubris to suggest that parks are a convenient vehicle for revenue generation. These actions, however, are consistent with the behaviour of our Premier who runs ads proclaiming that B.C. is the best place on earth, yet he vacations in Hawaii. Did anyone else notice the palm trees beside Gordo’s desk in Adrian Raeside’s cartoon last week?

I know modern economic theory is predicated on (unending?) growth and postmodernism embraces contradiction, but that doesn’t mean we have to destroy natural values, especially in our parks. I must admit I’m worried that the public is too preoccupied with its own boredom and just doesn’t care about parks (especially when I see Hummers with mags and low-profile Pirelli racing tires). It makes about as much sense as Austin Minis with monster truck tires. Or private 80 bed lodges in parks.

Mark Grist

North Vancouver/Nelson

Raven's Crest unsustainable

I have been a homeowner in Pemberton for the past four years and recently decided to build a new home in the exciting new development on the Pemberton Benchlands. It is my understanding that the SLRD and the village of Pemberton are committed to encouraging high-density growth within the existing village boundaries. A consultant is developing a neighbourhood plan for the Benchlands, and I support keeping the growth of Pemberton focused there. Outside these areas, developers are free to subdivide according to the current zoning, which enhances the character of our beautiful town and valley.

I am concerned that there is a group of developers bribing the community with plans of a hockey arena so that they can make huge amounts of cash while destroying the current village vision and character. I have yet to speak to anyone that supports this model of Pemberton as a sprawling community stretching from one end of the valley to the other. Stop the senseless development; let's stick to the plan and make Pemberton what it can be within the current boundaries. This development model is unsustainable. Another 357 homes will add more explosive growth to Pemberton, and we will lose the small-town character that attracted us here in the first place.