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Nicole Jean


Pedestrian unawareness

This is to say a big thank you to all of the drivers, including our bus and taxi drivers, who seem to think that it is OK to speed through crosswalks without slowing down.

I realize that the big signs on either side of the crosswalks with the big pictures of people walking are not enough of a warning for you.

How about if you were to have someone land on your windscreen – would that be enough of a wake up for you?

Seriously though, since I came to live in Whistler almost three years ago I have been amazed at the amount of times I have stood at a crosswalk waiting for drivers to stop and eventually taken a few steps onto the road so that they would notice me standing there. Lucky for me, they eventually noticed and came to a screeching stop.

Take a moment to think about what you are doing because the next time you speed through a crosswalk, there could be a small child, an elderly person or anyone else who is silly enough to trust that you will stop and who will suffer because of your ignorance. Then think about the fact that you and your family will suffer when you are held responsible for injuring or killing someone.

On the same note, pedestrians must open their eyes and realize that even though you are in this very safe little ski resort called Whistler, that does not mean the road rules are any different and that vehicles cannot hurt or kill you – they can! Don't wander aimlessly across roads or through car parks.

Lee McCleery


RR bridges and people

Just north of Pemberton there is a railway crossing of the Lillooet River. About five years ago the BCR constructed a walkway on the bridge for the use of railway employees only. It was not deemed safe enough for the public's use. Attempts in the past have been made to discourage the public from using the bridge through enforcement ($115 fine) of the trespass act. This has proved ineffective as is shown by counts of 300-500 pedestrian crosses per week at current levels, sure to increase as the weather improves.

A missing section of the guard rail that is supposed to help prevent people from falling into the river midway along the walkway is testimony to a suggestion that BCR/CN is more interested in their liability position than actual safety concerns.