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You need to find land to give to the Mount Currie Band in exchange for highway expansion south of Whistler. The expansion is to prepare for the Olympics. I support Mount Currie's efforts to gain as much as they can from the Olympics in terms of land, employment and cash. The majority of the land in this province (and the Sea to Sky Corridor) is Crown Land. It is inconceivable that you were unable to find an area that would please Mount Currie without upsetting a large number of others. In the long run, if this land is privatized and does end up exchanged to Mount Currie it will cost them a bundle in taxes since it is "free hold". The real estate value of the land is astronomical and eventually I fear Mount Currie will want to or be forced economically to develop and sell it (the current zoning of Resource Management allows for a housing density of one dwelling per five acres). Thus, the natural area will be lost for all of us. Why not figure out the value of the land – a large amount I'm sure – and give this cash amount to the band? Then we all win. You have a huge Olympic-size budget, use it.

I cannot believe that Pemberton's Olympic legacy might just be a really big screen TV and the privatization of a spectacularly beautiful area that is heavily used by many residents and tourists for recreation.

I deeply resent the provincial government's tactics – secrecy does not foster any trust or understanding. I would like you to come and answer questions regarding "transparent government". Please set up a date and time with Susie Gimse in Pemberton as soon as possible. I and many others will see you there.