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Jill Shepherd


Encouraging and inspiring

Re: Community thank you to Whistler-Blackcomb

Whistler-Blackcomb was deeply touched by the note of thanks placed in last week's paper. On behalf of the entire company, I would like to sincerely thank the community for this recognition and thoughtful gesture. In a season that, until this weekend, was testing our resolve from beginning to end, your expression of thanks was encouraging and inspiring. I guess Ullr was impressed too!

Not a day has gone by this season without some positive sentiment of encouragement. It has meant a lot to our team.

I would also like to echo your thanks to the entire Whistler-Blackcomb team. Every single person here at the mountains has dug in and kept this season alive. This would have been a very different outcome without the extraordinary efforts that have been put forth.

We also recognize and thank the many organizations and individuals within our community that continue to go above and beyond everyday.

Now, here's to winter's return!

Dave Brownlie

Chief Operating Officer


Secret, underhanded dealings

To Honourable Kevin Falcon Minister of Transportation and Frank Blasetti Assistant Deputy Minister of Transportation:

I am deeply shocked by the underhanded and secret way you are negotiating the area around Mosquito Lake and the ridge between Pemberton and Mount Currie. There have been rumours about this around town for a couple of months but the majority of us who heard them just didn't think it was possible for the government to operate in this manner. Wow, am I ever naive. I actually thought that the provincial government would have to consult the people whose properties border this land, the residents of Pemberton who use this area for mountain biking, swimming, hiking and horseback riding, the businesses that rely on the destination mountain bikers, and the local government before this Crown Land is converted to Private Free Hold Land with the stroke of a pen.

You have not been to Pemberton and do not understand the importance of this area to the community. The Pemberton Valley Trail Association as well as the Pemberton Off Road Cycling Association and other locals have been developing and maintaining the trails in this area for some time. Thousands of mountain bikers come to Pemberton to use these trails, bringing revenue to many local businesses. The Mosquito Lake area is a favourite place for many locals to swim, horseback ride, hike, or just quickly walk the dog. In the fall, people comb the area for pine mushrooms. The area has also been used for more traditional hunting and gathering and there are several culturally/historically significant rock carvings on the hillside. The SLRD had been in discussions with the Ministry of Forest about making this area into a regional park. Due to the steep sides of the Pemberton valley there are not many other forested areas to recreate in. Surely you must be unaware of these facts if you are even considering privatizing the area.