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CUPE playing fair?

I read the comments of representatives of CUPE 2010 in the papers last week with great interest and chuckled about Peter Davidson’s apparent concern about and for the community and those that live here. This has not been my experience in my recent dealings with CUPE 2010.

CUPE 2010 recently ran a series of ads on a local radio station using a fictitious "Whistler Mortgage Consultants" company that cast my business "Whistler Mortgage Company Ltd." in a bad light. The name used in the ad was so close to my company name that it resulted in a number of customers and friends calling me and demanding to know the meaning of the ads. They were offended and confused by the ads and thought my company "Whistler Mortgage Company" had placed the ads. The action of CUPE 2010 caused damage to my business.

My attempts to discuss this issue with CUPE 2010 have been met with unsatisfactory responses. A call to Peter Davidson of CUPE 2010, to request the ads be pulled, elicited the reply "that they were paid for and would run till they finished" and referred me to Robin Jones, the union negotiator. After leaving several messages, Mr. Jones finally called back and left me a message that he has nothing to say to me and to speak to the union’s lawyers.

It appears that CUPE 2010 feels it is okay to operate under a double standard. CUPE President Barry O’Neill and Peter Davidson apparently feel free to espouse "community values" but cannot deal with an issue in which CUPE 2010 caused damage to someone in the local community.

I am a small businessman who has worked in and for the community for 28 years. Is it too much to ask that CUPE 2010 should "Play Fair" and respect all of the community?

Roger Stacey

Whistler Mortgage Company Ltd.


In support of the concept

I was very pleased to read Alison Taylor’s report regarding the new conceptual plans for the development of lands at the Whistler Racquet Club. As an avid tennis player approaching senior-hood I feel the conceptual proposal would satisfy both groups. I was hoping that the Holborn Group would live up to its past promise of making the Whistler Racquet Club a world class facility. Their idea of creating a permanent roof structure with added indoor courts would be a great improvement over the current bubble; adding better heating, lighting and court availability.

In my personal experience the Whistler Racquet Club is in a perfect location. It is central and accessible to locals and tourists alike. It also offers the added amenities of the Wildwood Restaurant and Outdoor Patio, a TV lounge, a fitness room, an outdoor heated pool and whirlpool, change rooms and free parking. The proposal to upgrade and improve these areas would be much appreciated by all of those who work and use these facilities on a regular basis.