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Goodbye to Uli’s, with love

After spending the past 26 hours with so many great people packing, moving, celebrating 13 great years, and packing and moving more, I find myself unable to get any rest until I set the record straight with not only our loyal customers and good friends, but the town I have grown to call home.

On Sunday, March 6, Uli's Flipside closed its doors.

Uli's Flipside has come and gone twice now. Both times due to, in one way or another, landlords with big eyes and dreams of bigger wallets.

In 1992 when Uli was working as a head chef and living a pretty comfortable life, he decided to take a chance and make it easy for the average guy or gal to keep the Kraft Dinner in the cupboard another night or two and go out for dinner in a town where, in 1992, your options for dinner out were a slice of pizza or a $25 entree. I am all for the slice of pizza or the rack of lamb, but back then if you wanted to go out with some friends, have a two- or three-course meal and a few beers or a bottle of wine, you better have been saving up or pick your night out carefully, because it wasn’t going to happen too often.

Uli was the first one to change all that. The concept was simple: good food like your granny used to make, big ass portions, funky atmosphere, and cheap. And all of this, done with love.

We all used to giggle under our breath at first when Uli would say to us, "did you make that with love?" After a while, we were all saying it, because it worked.

We had 35 seats, and we were lined up out the door most nights. We moved on after a few years, continued to "make it with love" and continued, I hope, to make people happy and at the very least walk away stuffed.

All the people that came to Uli's Flipside and continued to be so very loyal over the years were the reason it was so easy to make it happen.

To the staff over the years, the customers, and the friends of Uli's Flipside, it's always been a pleasure and a delight.

To Uli, thanks for the constant faith, the lessons learned, the friendships made and most importantly, the good food, funky tunes and local colour.

Derek Pasenow


Mellow Whistler!

I think Whistler needs to just sit back and take a big breath. The mayor, council, everyone at the municipality, and the whole community at large should take the whole month of May off to chill out somewhere outside of Whistler. Perhaps some kind of retreat that has only one thing in mind – relaxation.