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Thanks again.

Stella L. Harvey

Founder, The Vicious Circle


Thanks for the wind

The Three Sheets to the Wind Memorial for our friend Dave Sheets was such a success as a party that it took an extra week to get my head together to write this.

To The Reverend Micheal Varin and his staff of Giant Love Cuppers, a ton of thanks for taking the idea and making it a reality. Truly a great job of organizational effort.

To the boys full of A Whole Lotta Lead, phenomenal job. You sounded great and did Sheetsy a true honour with your music.

To The Bro with the Red Bull, you probably kept a whole lotta folks up later than they expected to be.

To all those who again contributed to the memorial fund by buying the Sheetsy Toques, that is another $1,000 to the program. Well Done.

To all our friends who showed up to celebrate the memories of Dave by shakin’ it down and having a few Rye nots….. SEND IT!!

Chris Quinlan