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The location being investigated by the RMOW near Brandywine is even more constricted than the Pemberton Airport. Again I would love to be proved wrong but the fact is even if you can find a straight piece of land long enough to safely land a 737 the approach and missed approach procedures would be so gnarly Transport Canada would have to rewrite the book on certification. Good Luck!

Actually if the RMOW is serious about air transport they should dig through their files from 1985. There they will find a proposal made by an old friend of mine, Cliff Oakley. His plan was to put an air bubble system in Green Lake (it’s cheap, it works and it has been done before) and keep a strip open in the winter for floatplanes. If the weather during the Olympics is like this year, floatplanes could move hundreds of people a day between Vancouver and Whistler.

Mike Quinn

Whistler Air


Vicious Circle widens

The Vicious Circle, the Whistler Writers’ Group, in conjunction with Celebration 2010: Whistler Arts Festival 2005, hosted Literary Leanings 2005, a literary gala on Feb. 20th and 21st at Uli's Flipside. We built it and you came – 120 of you over the two-night event. Thank you Whistler for your continued support of our literary community. Thanks for paying attention to our writing and coming out to show your support in tangible terms, bums in seats.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Province of British Columbia, the Resort Municipality of Whistler, Tourism Whistler and the Whistler Arts Council for their financial and ongoing support.

These types of events are successful because of the community that participates in our events, financial support and the hard work of many individuals. Specifically I would also like to thank Pique Newsmagazine, the Question and Mountain FM for getting the word out, the good folks at Uli's Flipside who catered to our every need and made everyone welcome, to Dan and Annie at Armchair Books who made our author's books available, to Joan Richoz and the library, to Rebecca Wood Barrett and Brandi Higgins who served as MCs over the two evenings and kept us entertained, and to the talented writers themselves who bravely read their words, including: headliners Aislinn Hunter (Vancouver), George Bowering (Vancouver), Bill Gaston (Victoria), and Arthur Black (Salt Spring Island); milieu press writers Morgan Chojnacki, Lori McNulty, Seema Shah and Lindsay Diehl, all from Vancouver; and Whistler based writers Rebecca Wood Barrett, Brandi Higgins, Sara Leach, Pam Barnsley, Stephen Vogler, Lisa Richardson and Paul Malm.