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This brings me to my second beef, which was the article First Person: Eldon Beck. Eldon Beck was described as the soft spoken, down-to-earth American who was the mastermind behind Whistler Village. A question posed to the mastermind was how to fix the noise problem in the village from late night drinkers coming out of the bars? His brilliant answer was to live with it! He then went on to say it's common sense but common sense and good liquor doesn't necessarily go hand in hand. It's finding a way of accepting certain aspects of life.

Wow! How very Americanly profound. Maybe we should accept the Patriot Act here in Canada as well. Good liquor? I could think of quite a few adjectives for the liquid evil that is one of the largest causes of preventable deaths in Canada but "good" wouldn't be one of them.

The third and most painful addition to my madness was the advertisement by CUPE 2010 for Whistler's municipal workers. You must think we have all been indulging in copious amounts of this so-called good liquor if you think the community will bend over and accept the idea of supporting a living allowance for our poor, poor municipal workers. What the? Who the? Why the? Are you insane? This is so typically Whistler. Let’s give a break to the workers who already earn a decent wage while we stick it to the under-paid back bone of our community. If the mayor and council allow this insanity we should storm municipal hall and raise Cain like the responsible, drunken madmen that we have allowed ourselves to become.

Tim Gorgichuk


True colours

I can't say I was surprised to see Whistler-Blackcomb bragging about their recent expansion on several large billboards in downtown Vancouver. The text portion reads, "We couldn't leave big enough alone."

Charming. Very sustainable, too.

It has to make you wonder how long it will be before W-B announces plans for a series of backcountry huts (or worse, lifts) throughout the Spearheads. I can see the photo-op and media session with Doug Forseth saying, "we wanted to offer a different kind of experience" and "we need more high alpine terrain to bring certainty to our operations," while Arthur DeJong greenwashes proceedings with comments like, "we're trying to mitigate the impact of rising freezing levels and other global warming issues."