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There were a few statements in the CUPE 2010 ad last week that I found misleading and I invite CUPE 2010 to correct them, or at least take into account the conflicting information I found.

The ad headline: "We are WhistlerÕs Municipal Workers" would more accurately be "We represent 29 of the over 400 municipal workers, or less than 7 per cent."

"As our resort community has prospered, the cost of living has skyrocketed." IÕm not exactly sure what "skyrocketed" means, but according to the 2003/2004 Resort Community Monitoring Report, both gross monthly mortgage payments as well as average rental payments increased by 17 per cent between 1996 and 2001. For the past 2-3 years the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan (Whistler 2020) has been actively engaging our community in finding affordable solutions that are sustainable for the community as a whole Ð not just special interest groups. Have CUPE 2010 representatives been contributing to the dialogue Ð and if not, why not?

"Today, more than half of your municipal workers cannot afford to live in the community we serve everyday." IÕm not sure where they got this information, but once again the Resort Community Monitoring Report, clearly states that 76 per cent of all employees live in the valley and has not varied by more than 2 per cent over the past five years. Further, IÕm not sure what the median wage rate is in Whistler, but I do know that the average starting wage (yes starting wage) for CUPE 2010 municipal workers is over $20 (ranging from $14.34 to $25.22).

Now IÕm all in favour of ensuring that our hard working municipal workers are well looked after and fairly treated, but having to condescend to such misleading and erroneous tactics leads me to question the integrity and accountability of CUPE 2010. The ad publishes the e-mail, business and home numbers for our mayor and council, but no contact info for a CUPE 2010 representativeÉ perhaps they donÕt want to hear from the community.

I donÕt know how others feel, but in my own na•ve way I expected a more responsible and honest tactic from the union representing our public employees.

Bob Lorriman



As a professional wedding photographer whoÕs had the good fortune to attend several gay and lesbian weddings, I take great exception to Mr. BakoÕs letter in the Feb. 10th issue of the Pique.

Firstly, I canÕt see what relevance Accountants and Engineers have in relation to weddings, other than that they can get legally married to each other, regardless of their gender. IÕm married to a professional seamstress, but that doesnÕt mean that I can competently sew a button onto my shirt (which I canÕt).