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There are many WHA units that are no longer "owner occupied". For example I know a woman who is moving to Seattle to be with her new doctor husband and their plan is to use her WHA unit as a weekend get away. How scandalous is that! If you leave town your unit should go to the next person on the waiting list.

Of course other employee-owned units are being rented out to locals but this eliminates the opportunity for someone else who wants to make a home here. Judging by the summer papers there does not seem to be a rental shortage for year-round residents. Seasonal is another matter. Of course rents need to become more affordable but I think that is starting to happen.

Wake up WHA, stop letting people take advantage of this precious inventory. Who knows how many units this would free up. I think that is where the new "housing expediter" should start looking.

Jason Rudy


These people are making a difference

These are exciting times for us! This week Zero Ceiling is training four street youth from Vancouver to become snowboard instructors. This training should lead to jobs with the Snowboard School, a home in HOUSE, and a strong network of support to assist them to start a healthy new life in Whistler.

I would like to give a massive thanks to the following organizations that have contributed financially towards Zero Ceiling’s programs for the upcoming winter:

CASI B.C., Citizen’s Bank, Coast Whistler Hotel, Community Foundation of Whistler, Festival of Lights, GLC, Great Wall Climbing, HOUSE, Resort Municipality of Whistler, Uli’s Flipside, W1, Whistler-Blackcomb, Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation, Whistler Community Services Society, Whistler Wellness Fair.

Thanks also to our wonderful and talented volunteers and other individuals and organizations who have helped us over the years.

Working in partnership with this generous community, together we have had a positive impact on close to 900 disadvantaged youth since 1997.

Joanna Woods

Program Manager


The case of the missing Prawn

To most, Whistler has the reputation of being just a good times town. People come, people party, have a good time and leave. Unfortunately this lifestyle can also lead to some hard times. With the recent string of thefts from the area, lots of people have been left without many of their hard earned possessions.

Whistler is targeted because it has the reputation of being a playing field for the rich and sometimes the hardworking locals such as ourselves get caught up in the whole game that these lowlifes play. These crooks walked away with half of our lives just a few weeks ago when they stole our (motor) home, fondly named The Prawn.