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Some of our Mom's & Dad's read the newspaper and we heard about Silva getting shot. It's really sad. It wasn't okay to shoot the dog, he was just having fun going for a walk. The hunters were actually hunting for deers, not dogs. We don't want it to happen again. It's not safe for hunters, people and dogs to be in the same place. Veronica & James, sorry about your dog, we hope he's in heaven. Maybe in a long time, you can get another dog to remember Silva.

Marmots 4&5 year old Preschool Program

Whistler Children's Centre


Poor Mr. Ryan. There's just no escape from international criticism of his elected (sic) officials' foreign and domestic policies. Even in his adopted second (third?) home in Lalaland. A fairly typical mindset – only report the news and opinions I want to hear. It's okay, FoxNews will be available here, so it's still possible to bury one's head in the sand (or snow).

Maybe he's right. Maybe Canadians should mind their own business. Maybe Americans should do the same, instead of telling Iraqis (and a growing number of developing nations) how to vote, live, or whatever.... I like Americans, though. Well, at least the ones with passports.

Alex Nikolic


Is Cornucopia becoming a cash grab? Let’s make sure it doesn’t.

It’s so unfortunate that some events can ruin others. In the case of this year’s Cornucopia, I know some – and probably most – events are still a good ticket value, while the huge greed monsters have shown up in other events. This year marks the end of what used to be a good event. The Friday night after-party found me waiting for 30 minutes in a lineup with a $107 pre-paid ticket. What’s up with that? The reason: over capacity (so the doorman said), which means over sold. This is absolutely out of control.

As a big supporter and organizer myself in lots of community events, to have this happen puts a dark cloud over the promoters and the event as a whole.

For the rest of the events and the promoters of such, please do not follow this trend and keep to your values. Cornucopia is good for Whistler and the boost it gives the village at a time of year when the village needs it the most.

Bruce Lane


I am so frustrated by the WHA and their inability to manage their current inventory of purchased housing. Instead of "exploring road ends" why can't they look in their own backyard first.