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Another huge thank you to Andy and Sandy and the family of Moe Joe’s. I am thankful for Casey’s survival and his story of the events of that night. Without it we would never have known the details of that fateful drive.

I hope that this has taught us to live each day to the fullest, because life is short and "We are the richer for having known them".

Judy & Reed Elliott, Gordon & Lois, Pam, Joyce, Kylie

What'll be next…Wal-Mart?

As a current small business owner, operator and tax payer for the past 25 years, I am quite frankly very concerned with the concept of the "big box store" which has set its sites on the main village area of Whistler. I've underlined "village" because that's exactly what it still is, and hopefully will remain that way unless of course the larger retail giants are permitted to set up and overshadow the smaller retailers at hand. Maybe we should allow Wal-Mart to set up shop as well. That would make it real easy for tourists to find a "ski village atmosphere." Just picture walking through a quaint stroll in a world class ski village and coming across huge mega stores. A little overpowering to say the least. I am speaking of the proposed rezoning application of London Drugs.

Reading the articles in the past editions of both local papers, it states that apparently 95 per cent of people they surveyed would shop there. For one, I was never approached on this survey nor were many other locals I have spoken to. I don't understand how they can say they are sensitive to smaller operators.

I'm sure I can speak for most local businesses, that due to events during the past few years, there has been a decrease in business and if you permit a retail giant to move into the village well, the results could only be a road to demise for some of the strongly affected smaller retailers.

I urge you to vigorously consider the impact on the existing local businesses should London Drugs be allowed to set up shop, or you will probably see a lot more conversions over to gift shops. Whistler is a village and a village is comprised of many small various shops. That is the aspect we want to keep!