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A huge thank you to all of the restaurants who kindly donated all of the soup and contributed to the fun in our first fundraiser of the fall season. Also thank you to those parents that came to assist, to Slope Side Supply who supplied the bowls and to Nesters Market for the great deal on the fresh rolls.

Peggy Vogler

The Alta Lake School

Some thoughts on London Drugs:

For the record, I shop at London Drugs often when I am in Vancouver. I think they offer great services and products at affordable prices, and for that reason alone welcoming London Drugs to Whistler may be a good idea.

However, we have spent an insane amount of money (no one seems to want to talk about that), more than two and a half years, and endless hours of community input to develop the CSP, and what our vision of Whistler will be.

So let me quote from the Vision Statement of the Draft Comprehensive Sustainability Plan: "We will foster sustained prosperity in our local economy and retain our local businesses."

The plan continues:

PRIORITY: ENSURING ECONOMIC VIABILITY – "Locally owned and operated businesses are recognized as important to the economic viability of the community and are encouraged to reinvest."

PRIORITY: ENHANCING THE RESORT EXPERIENCE – "The retail, hospitality, and activity experience is unique, diverse, imaginative and continuously renewed." Continually we are reminded (on almost every page) "The community moves continuously toward meeting the minimum requirements for sustainability" of which number seven of the strategies is "Built Environment Strategy: How the characteristics of Whistler’s buildings, neighborhoods and facilities will contribute to making the resort unique, long lasting, livable and sustainable."

Does the London Drugs re-zoning contribute to making the resort unique? Now, I’m sure council will certainly bear in mind all of the above carefully when considering the re-zoning application for London Drugs, and may believe that this re-zoning will satisfy many of the priorities and strategies laid out in the Draft CSP… and of course it is only a draft plan, so none of the above may matter anyway.

The part of all this that continually nags away in the back of my mind is defining the difference between a village‚ and a mall.