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Another week and more tragedy on the highway which links us to Vancouver. It isn’t even winter.

As new highway construction moves forward the thought of creating a truly world class highway seems to have been budgeted away. Apparently a median is too expensive even though it will prevent many of the horrific crashes which devastate this community, close the highway for hours and frustrate our visitors.

As the volume of traffic increases on the Sea to Sky Highway, the number of accidents will also move up. More friends, loved ones and neighbours dead or seriously injured because a small strip of asphalt and a concrete barrier are out of our price range.

But wait, there is a solution Rather than a user-pay system, Whistler can adopt an ABUSER pay system. Any revenue collected from this program would go directly towards funding median placement starting with high crash and high risk areas of the highway.

1) Anyone who crosses a double yellow centre line is fined $10,000. This large fine would come complete with a personalized plaque on the contributors’ section of median.

2) Anyone speeding in excess of 40 km/h over the posted speed limit is fined $1,000 in addition to the regular speeding charge. Call it the Whistler premium.

3) Anyone driving on summer tires during the winter is also a prime candidate for sponsoring a section of median.

As cars, trucks and SUVs become even bigger, the risk to most drivers increases dramatically. If you are involved in a head on collision and your bumper is lower than the oncoming car, the safety rating of your vehicle drops exponentially. Next time you're driving around the day lot, check out how your car compares. If you're commuting on a regular basis, demand that medians are placed in high risk areas.

We will have the world on our doorstep in a short time and it would be a shame to have a closed sign.

Mike Mills


Harvest Soup a Scrumptious Success

Those who came up to experience the Harvest Soup Contest on Sunday, Oct. 10 at the final Farmers’ Market were treated to a fabulous selection of some of the finest soups around. Five generous local restaurants and chefs competed, entering the most amazing soups ever tasted. Check out the names of these entries: The Dubh Linn Gate with their amazing Irish Onion and Guinness Soup with Garlic Croutons and Guinness Infused Cheddar; Grant from Whistler Cooks Catering entered an Organic Pemberton Root Vegetable Soup with Curried Potato Chips and Chard Pesto; The Big Smoke Mountain BBQ from Pemberton had a super hearty Chanterelle and Matsutake Barley Stew with Harvest Vegetables. It was a close race with the Steep’s Grill Smoked Salmon Chowder winning by a three bowl margin. Chateau Shane Robilliard’s Wild Mushroom with Crispy Pancetta and Sage Cream was a close second, missing a hat trick by a three bowl margin!