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Someone once told me that grief is the purest evidence that we have loved and loved well. In our tiny mountain town, we have loved and lost many over the years. In the early hours of Oct. 18, 2003, the devastating floods led to the collapse of the Rutherford Creek Bridge and the loss of Jamie Burnette, Edward Elliott, Daryl Stevenson and Mike Benoit. The fact that Casey Burnette survived reminded us all to believe in miracles and we are grateful to see his smiling face each day.

I would like to thank the communities of Whistler and Pemberton for the many generous donations, countless hours volunteering and support that led to over $100,000 being raised for the Rutherford Creek Bridge Disaster fund.

Although a year has past, our grief remains but our memories are a way to hold on to those that we loved. So each day I try to find comfort and solace in living each day to the fullest. I think that the boys would have wanted us to smile more, laugh more, stay up late, hold onto each other, to appreciate the little things and of course have another drink. Boys, we miss you, but in the words of the Hip, "We are all richer for having known you."

KJ Johnson



Reading your article on the defeat of the expansion plans in the Whistler Village Resort it suggests that the higher density in the CC-1 zone is a given. What is not discussed is the covenant registered on the title of every property in the village restricting development to that which was originally built.

When the village was developed council gave themselves considerable latitude in zoning so that they did not have to rezone properties if they thought a change was appropriate. The village was master planned in minute detail and before a parcel was sold to the private sector models were created and building volumetrics were decided. Issues such as view corridors out to nature, sunlight and compatibility to adjacent buildings were serious considerations. I am not sure whether through these guidelines any sites got to the 3.5 floor space ratio in the CC-1 zone. Once a building envelope was tweaked and approved for development a restrictive covenant was placed on title which for me and others constituted the real zoning and FSR. The covenants are still there and in some cases refer to the development permit for the building.

Far be it from me to be a party pooper but I think some serious discussion needs to occur before this award winning process and hence the village is turned asunder.