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On Sunday, Sept. 12 Carol Legate and I stood at the summit of Flute as we watched hikers’ (22 in 1 hour) reaction to the work going on.

The three hikers in the image are senior females from Vancouver. Their average age is 77 years. The 80-year-old hiker said this about the Flute expansion: "I'm glad I lived when I did."

John Nemy



A very belated thank you to Stuart Rempel and Whistler-Blackcomb for their very thoughtful and greatly appreciated pricing of the Sea to Sky Student Ski Pass. This definitely will make a big difference to the number of local kids on the mountains this season. It means they can go up for a few hours after a hockey game or before they start their part-time job and parents won't be shelling out the cost of a full day pass.

For dual working parents it is a nice perk and we certainly don't see many price breaks in this community.

Whistler elementary school kids have always enjoyed six full days of skiing or boarding lessons and that has also been a bonus for local families that the high school kids miss out on, so thanks again for this early Christmas present!

Kathy & Don Macalister



Re: Marijuana candidate brings home cannabis café debate, (Pique Sept. 17, 2004)

Self-proclaimed marijuana "expert" RCMP Staff Sergeant Norm McPhail offers the usual official spin to defend marijuana prohibition: marijuana might or could be as harmful as alcohol, therefore marijuana should remain prohibited. This kind of drunken logic is what the Supreme Court of Canada presents, as legal scholarship, to defend marijuana laws against Charter of Rights challenges.

Obviously, marijuana laws do not protect the public's order, health, or safety, but rather placate the Americans’ zeal for their failed drug war strategies. This continued subordination of Canadian rights and freedoms in the interest of foreign relations is unconstitutional and demands the invocation of the Not-withstanding Clause contained in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The only real solution though, is total legalization, but I won't hold my toke waiting for it to happen.

Peter Yunge-Bateman