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Thanks to David MacPhail for his letter regarding the Whistler community’s responsibility to create a community with Fire Smart wildfire interface areas.

Whistler claims to want to lead the way and present itself to the world as a leader for sustainability: implementing a Fire Smart wildfire community plan in Whistler would certainly make Whistler a leader. We would be reducing pollution and setting an example on doing things right!

What on earth am I talking about, you say?

A recent study shows that B.C.’s wild Chinook salmon have a higher level of fire retardant in their systems than any other fish in the world. Could this be an indication that we use a lot of fire retardant to fight fires in B.C.? Could we reduce the amount of fire retardant used to fight wildfires and reduce the risk to our homes if we had better wildfire interface areas in our communities? Perhaps this could be part of Whistler being that sustainable example council is always promoting.

Sure, we might have to thin our precious forests and remove some of the trees from our properties, but have you seen the forests around us? They are dying and in these tinder dry conditions it is only a matter of time before someone drops a cigarette or lightning strikes.

Think about it.

But then again, B.C.’s Forest Service held a Fire Smart information session for local residents back in the spring; it was well publicized in the local papers. When we attended the meeting there were only four locals there. So maybe everyone would prefer to eat polluted fish, pay higher fire insurance premiums and have to rebuild after a wildfire.

And don’t think just because we’re Whistler that we will have the fire put out for us: if the Forest Service is busy they just don’t have the equipment to save Whistler!

PS. I’m all for creating a Fire Smart community.

Karen Blaylock


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