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So, I invite you to contact me, or if you prefer, the people I work for, to more clearly express your opinions. Perhaps we will only get to the point of agreeing to disagree. On the other hand, it is possible that your views may facilitate change and improve future decisions. Unfortunately, by choosing anonymity you will never know.

Rob McSkimming


Last week, I noticed a piece of litter in the ditch in front of our house. I picked it up and discovered that it was actually a flyer from Ledcor, announcing that they wished to meet with the residents of the Upper Squamish Valley in order to address our concerns about the proposed IPP. I can only assume that at one time, the flyer had been stuck to our front gate.

At the meeting, it quickly became apparent that I was one of the lucky ones – there were many, many attendees who had received no notice at all. The Ledcor representative’s final defence was that rather than inform all the residents of the meeting, he would rely on the local "word of mouth".

It seems to me that if Ledcor truly cared about the concerns of local residents, they would have made a genuine effort to inform everyone of the meeting, rather than rely on us to do the work for them. Even a half-hearted effort would have been nice. Instead, they showed about as much diligence as one would expect from a 12-year-old disgruntled paperboy.

Among other things, their proposal would allow them to hold back 24 hours of river flow upstream of our valley. This means that when the autumn rains really begin to fall, we’re reliant on Ledcor’s competency to protect us from the same thing that happened to the Paradise Valley last year, when the Daisy Lake Dam finally opened its gates. Somehow, I’m not filled with a whole lot of confidence. I mean, if they can’t even deliver a flyer, how can we expect them to manage a multi-million dollar facility?

Maybe next time they call a meeting, they will hire a suitably qualified subcontractor to distribute flyers for them – I‚m sure there are a lot of conscientious 12-year-olds out there looking for work.

David Lane

Lauren Fraser

Upper Squamish Valley

Thanks for the Sensational Opening — Having Fun with Art

Thank you to everyone involved, especially those of you who came out on Thursday evening to view the photography and enjoy the multi-media, multi-dimensional artistic opening for the Wild Life of Burning Man Photo Exhibit at MY Place.

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