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Now we have had one full year since the last multi-avenue disaster and what has been done differently for the people and businesses who use these roads, forests, trails, cliffs, rivers, mountains and campgrounds in the backcountry?

Nothing as I see it. If you talk to anyone about this, I am sure the entire province of B.C. sees another closing before we even face it head on. Sad, so sad! No Education, no awareness, no planning, no alternatives, no responsibility – just close the forests when it comes to prime time for tourism and recreation. Is there something deeper here than simply forest fires, or is it just me?

Automobile accidents occur daily. What if B.C. decided to ban automobiles so nothing could potentially happen?


Roads eventually receive cracks and potholes. What if B.C. decided to ban driving on paved roads in the wet season to reduce the damage to paved roads?


Elderly folk and children often become victims at crosswalks as they are slower moving or drivers do not see them. What if B.C. decided to ban the elderly and children from using crosswalks?


Politicians receive larger expense accounts than they really need to function efficiently. What if B.C. decided to give them the same expense accounts as every other travelling person?

Stupid, but almost necessary and valid.

Anyways, what is going on here?

Maybe the government is having trouble figuring out what to do and they need simple, educated, younger, realistic, straight-sighted minds to assist them in bringing awareness and education to the people, instead of lost hopes and fear as seems to be the trend.

Snap out of it!

Ask for assistance when you need it!

Daniel J. Poisson


Although I must admit, after two years plus living here, that I was not totally shocked, but I was at the very least disappointed and puzzled by the announcement of the 11 athletes awarded a plaque in the World Cup Plaza. These plaques are a great idea and will help young and old identify with Whistlers sport icons – but you missed athlete number 12!

This individual has been a mainstay of the community longer than some of the snowboard awardees. He has podiumed on many occasions at World Cups, represented Canada at many Paralympic Games, and was one of the few ever to be allowed to demonstrate his sport, at the Calgary Olympics. This last feat has never been duplicated again, due to the ignorance of the IOC, but this man did it back in 1988 and many ski racers that came after him know what it did to elevate the sport. (For some it means even more that Paralympic gold, it’s INTEGRATION!)

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