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I will also sometimes flash my high beam when I am approaching an intersection if I see someone is waiting to turn left across my lane. Again, this is not to antagonize the driver, more just to ensure he has seen me. I would only employ this during the day though, so as not to blind anyone at night.

I am by no means attempting to say that every motorcycle rider, including myself, is a saint and never would contravene the rules of the road. I have seen a few, doing things that I believed might have put their lives in jeopardy by no one’s fault but their own. I just hope that the next time you see me on the road, you will understand better why I do the things I do, and will afford me the same courtesy as you would any another vehicle.

Robert Staal


Political terrorism vs. B.C. wildfires

What ever happened to Education and Awareness in this great province? Last year our backcountry in the lower half of B.C. was closed entirely for part of the summer due to what we are told was an extreme fire hazard. This was obviously a rushed decision with little higher power, intelligent planning. If global warming and ultimately wildfires are a potential threat to whatever it is they threaten, (is it homes, people, animal habitat, logging company profits, politicians pockets, American trade agreements or lack of?) something should have been done. Whatever wildfires threaten, and whatever causes them, should have been taught to the people of this province and visitors to this province in the form of television advertising, brochures, Internet, etc. Of course we all know most of this, however, with education and awareness, our government would have been better able to entrust its people and guests to B.C. after their first mistakes. Instead, no propaganda or worse, no education or awareness was presented by those up above making what we hope and wish, are the right choices. The forests were simply shut off.

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