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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings and for all your work towards the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan. Now we have to make it work!

Eileen Tomalty


Canada Day – "Wow, here come the Canadian Police," I heard a group of visiting American tourists say. "Wow" was right. The RCMP presence consisted of a mounted horseman with lance, a dog in uniform, and a troop of spit and polished men and women whose serge glowed in the bright sun, Stetsons tilted, boots reflected and spurs sparkled. They were marching, no cars, SUVs or any of their other specialized vehicles that could blink, twinkle or scream. They just flat-footed it around town and they were "the talk of the town" resplendent in their scarlet tunics.

The highland pipers and drummers in their kilts marched and played their way around the parade loop in the hot sun. I viewed a considerate spectator give the lead piper a much-appreciated bottle of water during one of the pauses. There was the multi-numbered fast marching, smooth sounding school band from Vancouver Island hot-footing it around the entire parade route. The twirling folk dancers, tumbling young gymnasts, rolling ski clubers were all great examples of old time parading by today's youth, and there were many more commendable sustainable paraders in Thursday's parade.

Now here is the point of this little note: Mr. Mayor, hybrid or not, get out of that car and get the bike off its roof and ride the route. Gather your fellow council members around you and cycle the parade route. If you still feel the need to be driven in next year’s parade, I am sure that councillors Ken or Caroline would pull you around in one of those bike trailers. I am also sure that Whistler’s bike shops would loan your complete council some very unique, completely sustainable rides for next year's event.