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Michael Pitt


South Chilcotin Mountains Wilderness Society

Grade School is almost over for the WSS Grad class of 2004 and first I want to congratulate all the grads!

Of all the grads three in particular expressed their hopes and dreams of marriage and family in front of the school community, and oddly enough the gymnasium burst into laughter each time. Another sign of the times I suppose; I thought we were a society who promoted choice.

Jane Dow


After several letters to the editor have been written recently about the negative behaviour of Whistler’s youth population, we are motivated to write this letter to inform those that continually focus on the negative that there are scores of youth who contribute greatly to this community and beyond.

The Whistler Class of 2004 celebrated their Dry Grad on June 12 at Meadow Park Sports Centre and deserves to be acknowledged for their willingness to participate in an alcohol-free all night party. Dry Grad parties have increased in popularity throughout Canada and point to the fact that youth can have fun without being drunk. The reality is that youth do party with alcohol but in Whistler we are confident that families, schools and community groups have equipped its youth with good decision-making skills and alternatives to unhealthy lifestyles.

Dry Grad this year was jam packed with activities at Meadow Park. Joust, floor hockey, Sumo wrestling, temporary tattoos, massage, Kostas Man and his Reggae Band (who played until 4:30 a.m.!), tarot card readings, the film Jaws viewed in the pool, pool Olympics and more food than you could fathom kept the grads busy until 5 a.m. This would not have been possible without generous contributions from the RMOW, Rocky Mountain Production Services, Nesters, Wildwood Catering, Inspired, 10 Volunteers, Showcase, Can-Ski, Whistler Youth Centre, Rogers’ Chocolates, Zero Ceiling, Perimeter bus lines and a dedicated school fundraising committee.

At the end of the night, a reverse draw was held for a car! Graduate Tom Stall won the car and was ecstatic with his luck. Joe Maika from Fine Motor Cars — Local Automotive, donated the car and deserves special recognition for providing this great prize at the last minute to help motivate the grads to commit to the event for its duration.

With such incredible community commitment to show the grads not only that we are proud of them but also that we know they are capable of making healthy choices, we are happy to report to those that only see the negative that the Class of 2004 is a group of dignified, courageous young people that hold themselves with integrity. We are proud to say they are from our community.