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John Nemy


Whistler-Blackcomb does good!

So often in this community, one hears Intrawest’s name thrown around in the same sentence as certain four letter words. The big targets are always the easiest to hit. Frequently overlooked are the "random acts of kindness" that this company performs. In particular, the kind and generous efforts put forth by The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation come to mind. For years, this group, led by Intrawest Senior Vice President David Brownlie and Executive Director Louise Lundy, have been pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars back into the community, mainly without fanfare.

In this case, the big guy is giving back to Whistler, and we are all the better for it. 

Let’s take a moment to thank Whistler’s largest employer for giving back to this community.

John O’Neill


Whistler Lodging Company

Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

After a couple of years of project planning, consultations and getting permissions in place, the group of local residents who formed the Pemberton Valley Trails Association is seeing considerable progress on the ground this season. As links in the Valley Loop Trail are improved, the public will notice new directional signs indicating the route which begins behind the Peaks on Pemberton Creek. As well, the Mosquito Lake Rec. Site and Trail Network is in the process of being upgraded and signed – a big project still needing volunteers.

The word is beginning to get out about these and other projects and the PVTA is grateful for some wonderful donations in support of these important community initiatives. Many thanks to Ross and Diane Sherwood, Mike Walsh, Barry Higgins, Wim Tewinkel and WORCA and The Bike Company for the Loonie Race participants. The PVTA also appreciates the support we receive from the SLRD and Village of Pemberton for our trail projects. Memberships are available at the Bike Co. in Pemberton!

Jan Naylor, for the PVTA


This letter was addressed to Premier Gordon Campbell

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