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Re: Whistler Must get a Grip

When I read Teresa deSousa’s letter to the editor last week, I couldn’t help but feel that her comments were somewhat misconstrued. It is most unfortunate that deSousa and her family were subjected to "open drinking in public, profanities, young people going nuts" and general inappropriate behaviour – something that nobody in Whistler should experience whether local or visiting.

However, I believe that her criticism is misdirected. Clearly, the local police force, security companies and the RMOW are aware of the troubles that long weekends bring. Perhaps deSousa’s criticism might be better directed at communities in the Lower Mainland, including her own community of Surrey, where most of these youth are from. Rather than turning our mountain home into a police state, I would like to see resources directed at discouraging such troublemakers from using Whistler as an outlet for their negative energy in the first place.

Kerry Clark



We had paying guests on the Victoria Day weekend and unfortunately they were amazed and disappointed how whistler has changed since they were here five years ago. They found that the resort looked very clean and manicured and lovely, but why was the Whistler Resort management catering to and attracting so many young people. These groups were boozing and cursing and making people feel very uncomfortable.

I replied, "I stay away from the village on a long weekend." But should this be an answer?

They also felt that the former Mayor Ted Nebbeling had better control of the village Was the no spitting no cursing bylaw still in affect.? I wondered about this myself.

Where were the concerts in the mountains we once had?

They suggested to play classical music in the village to re-route the non-desirables, and I agree.

Economically, kids don't spend much and they litter and do a lot of damage to our resort and look how much disturbance they caused on Victoria Day.

Thank you RCMP for doing your best.

Everyone is trying to do an excellent job for the community The arts council, the Millennium Place, AWARE and now the green house project for


Let's have a safe enjoyable place for all.

H. Ruiterman



This letter is in response to Ms. Hutchinson’s advice to our potentially displaced teenagers, that they should appreciate what they have and move on, live elsewhere and make room for the rich. Really, just because you grew up somewhere doesn’t mean you have any right to live there the rest of your life in that community.

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